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So, what do you know about the average lifetime of a Furnace unit? If you have no ready guesses, here's the answer: The average lifetime of a Furnace is around 16-20 years. But that doesn't mean every Furnace breaks down after that. A Furnace can also give you company for up to 25 years. But that too is not the limit, it may act even kinder and go a little further. The lifetime of 16-20 years is a generally suggested lifetime that says that as a homeowner, you should seriously start considering a replacement after your unit has reached this age. And that is a wise suggestion for sure. Because once a system reaches this age, its efficiency has already affected to a great extent and dragging old Furnace unit would mean;
- Compromised comfort
- High energy bills
- Risks of accidents or breakdown

Instead of spending several hundred dollars annually on repair and energy bills, why not make an in time replacement? Before you think replacement is an even expensive idea, here's something for you:
The times have gone when the replacement would mean a big budget. With the awareness of the use of energy efficient products, not only that the brands are manufacturing and promoting homeowners for high-efficiency units but also that the government in this regard is offering incentives in the form of rebates. So that means, as you plan to replace and upgrade to a better and more energy efficient unit, you will get those rebates and incentives saving you several hundred dollars. And there's more; as you upgrade to a brand new better technology unit, your energy bills will reduce significantly bringing you a saving on energy bills as well. So this deal is a win-win.

At Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. we offer Furnace replacement services in GTA. You can upgrade to an energy efficient unit and enjoy amazing rebates and super savings.
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